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Department of Liberal Arts

The Department of Liberal Arts offers 13 majors. First year students simply start as Department of Liberal Arts students, choosing from 13 majors by the end of their sophomore year. A major is selected based on the student’s desire, courses taken and performance. However, students that wish to enter the Global Studies in English major must apply before comming HJU or during their first year.

Global Studies in English

Analyze world affairs through the lens of social science and humanities using English as a common language.
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English Language Teaching

As a future English Language teacher, learn English as a universal language and acquire practical instruction abilities necessary for English education.

British & American Culture

Be a true internationalist by learning English and American literature and cultures.

Japanese Language Education

As a future Japanese teacher, acquire specialized knowledge, and learn practical techniques for being a Japanese teacher in a junior high school or a high school.

Japanese as a Foreign Language

Analyze Japanese objectively and learn how to teach the language to non-native speakers.

Japanese Literature & Culture

Analyze your life and experience by interpreting the mystery of Japanese literature and the meaning of Japanese expressions.

Asian & African Studies

Think about Japan and the world through an Asian point of view, and learn how to survive in a globalized society.


Understand world's environmental issues and become an advocate for the environment to create the world of tomorrow.

Urban Cultural Studies

Understand history, culture and art of the world as well as the city or the region where they originated, and how they impact various areas where we live.

Public Policy Studies

Foster human resource skills in order to work for a local community organization that makes better public places.

Peace Studies

Seek the real meaning of Peace to create a co-existing society, and convey the message of Peace to the world from Hiroshima.

Business Design Studies

Be a person who can respond flexibly to a drastically changing business environment.

Information Science

Find out how computer technology can contribute to solving various issues in the world.