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Teaching Practice: Students' Experiences〜英語教員を目指して教育実習で教え、学ぶ〜

For those students who are pursuing a teaching license, the teaching practice placement is a big event. In this article, we hear from two GSE 4th year students who have very recently returned from their three-weeks of working experience in a school.


Of course, while these students have certainly been learning a lot of theory and approaches to teaching throughout their studies, the opportunity for practical experience is extremely important, too.


First, I asked MO to share with us all her experiences and ideas.

After completing my educational training, I got this wonderful chance to learn about the challenge and delight of being involved in actual teaching.

From the outset, I was involved in practicing giving lessons, connecting with the students, understanding their views, and developing teaching skills. At first, it was difficult, for sure, but when it comes to actual real-world teaching, it is important to learn to think about each lesson in the specific context it is taught, and so it was a great experience for me to be forced to respond flexibly. The students also took the class seriously and came to ask me questions outside of the class.

So, I learned a lot through interaction with them.


MO A.jpg

MO in action: "it was a great experience for me to be forced to respond flexibly".

After the lessons were over, I learned a great deal about the methods used and the design of the lesson, taking the chance to observe the teacher of that class as well as other teachers. I also experienced checking diaries, cleaning, checking notes, and grading. These may all seem like simple tasks that don't need much involvement from teachers, but I learned that they are actually important tasks that allow us to understand the status and thoughts of each student.


MO B.jpg

MO getting into the swing of things: "I learned a great deal about the methods used and the design of the lesson"

Soon, after I graduate, I will enter graduate school. However, after that, I will become a teacher. For me, this experience was so valuable and confirmed to me that becoming a teacher is my ultimate goal. I will do my best to become a good teacher without forgetting the lessons I learned from this experience.


Next, I spoke with MI, who has been at a different school.

I was actually placed in the same junior high school that I attended myself. I was there for 3 weeks. It has been one of the most precious and valuable experiences in my university life.


Before going there, I decided to learn how teachers teach students in an understandable way and what things are most important when teaching. I did a lot of class observations and after that asked teachers about what I saw, and about their experiences and strategies.

As a result of this, I realized that the most important thing is to guide students to reach answers for themselves, not to show students the answer.


MI A (1).jpg

MI guiding students to "reach answers for themselves".

I took charge of seven lessons. When thinking about my lesson structure, I focused on guiding the students, using what I had learned. I tried to minimize the time I was speaking in front of the class, and allow more time for my students to work. For example, I let the students find out the grammar they will learn for the first time from the textbook, and let the students find out the meaning and usage through group activities.

This method was very difficult, but my thoughts on education deepened through this experience. The thing that made me happiest was when the students told me they found my classes enjoyable and easy to understand. Those moments reminded me of what is best about being a teacher.


MI B (1).jpg

MI and her classmates listening to a students' contribution.

After graduation, I will be a teacher. For me, this training really taught me a lot. Of course, I understand that this job is not just about fun. However, I would like to do my best to become a good teacher without forgetting what I gained from this experience and my determination now.


Thank you MO and MI! I think we can all feel from your words that you're going to both be great teachers in the future.

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