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Happy students and staff preparing our exhibits

HJU held its annual Ayamesai at the weekend and the Department of International English welcomed visitors to our Open Campus event. As always, the department student helpers did an excellent job.

Department staff and students preparing for the event

There were lots of smiles, lots of information passed on to visitors, and an English cafe where we could speak English with those who joined us. In fact, those that visited the cafe ranged in age from 3 years old to 84!
(大学での学びに関してご紹介するとともに、 Englishカフェのコーナーでは、幅広い年齢の方々(なんと3歳から84歳まで!)が英会話を楽しみました。)

A final check of the preparations before visitors arrive

Our department students were busy all over campus on the day. Some were assisting in the running of the Ayamesai itself; AN was dealing with the Haunted House (watch out for the zombies!); HU and AM were performing music on stage; TK was working on a creative art project; HF was selling yakitori with her clubmates; and NT was broadcasting the events all over campus as part of the broadcasting club.



Everyone seemed to have a great time at the Ayamesai and the Open Campus. We are already looking forward to next year.

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On a very hot Sunday, we held our latest Open Campus. We thank all those who braved the heat to come to our campus in Ushita. It was a very collaborative and student-led event (as you can see in the photo below) and as well as being informative, we all had a lot of fun.


First up was the head of the Department of International English who explained to high school students and parents about the different courses, classes, activities and entrance exams available to students.


This session was followed by a model class, very active and collaborative in nature, that gave our visiting high school students a feel of the atmosphere of study life at Hiroshima Jogakuin University.


Then it was time for the real experts, our students, to give some great insight into study life, chances for study abroad, and all the other opportunities in the Department of International English that have led to their growth and growing confidence in their own abilities.




After these presentations, given in English and Japanese, the visiting high school students got to know our students better with some fun English activities. They also had a chance to chat with some of our teachers in the English cafe.
(説明の後は、高校生の皆さんと在学生が楽しくお互いをより良く知り合えるよう、英語のゲームを通して交流しました。また、外国人教員と会話するEnglish cafeもオープンしました。)



That left just enough time to relax and ask a few more questions to staff and students while taking in the information from the exhibits and posters on display. We had a great day and we hope all our visitors enjoyed themselves and came to understand a little about what studying in our department is really like. The staff and students in the Department of International English look forward to seeing you all again.

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At the weekend we held the first July Open Campus. It was great to have high school students and parents join us for a fun and active afternoon. The whole-university introduction session was conducted by the president, vice-president and a Department of International English senior, T.T. She explained to our visitors about the many opportunities, both on and off campus, that are available for students at HJU. Our visitors then joined us for our friendly and informative department sessions.

This week's Department of International English "Open Campus Team"

Everybody was made to feel at home as students and staff explained all about the Department of International English in an informal atmosphere.

Students took part in an active English class where they not only used their English, but also had a lot of fun while doing so.


After that, students explained about different aspects of study at HJU before our guests took part in the student-run English communication session. It was great and we even had a TV crew come to film the fun.

N.H. explains about her experience on one of our study abroad programs

Student-run English communication session

At the end of the day, our team of students posed for a photo shoot, surrounded by the department displays.


It was great to see so much energy, collaboration and communication flow between high school students, parents, and HJU students and staff. Thanks to everyone who joined us on the day. We look forward to seeing you again, and welcoming other high school students to our campus.


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