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The world is becoming smaller, as we often hear. This means that learning English is more important than ever, and being a global thinker, with the ability to communicate across cultures, will help people in their work and personal lives in the future. This is why at HJU, many students are able to take an opportunity to live and learn in a different country.

In this article, the final instalment of a two-part series, we hear from three recent returnees from the United States and China. As we will see they have all had different experiences, and seen and done different things. What is consistent among all of them, however, is that they have had profound and heartfelt educational, cultural and interpersonal experiences. Not only can we share in a few of their many treasured memories, but readers who are thinking about studying abroad with HJU can get some ideas about what it might be like.



I studied abroad at Shandong University in Shandong Province, China for half a year, with classes being in English. Shandong University is a very large university, with many students, including international students from various countries. From science to humanities, you can select classes in your field of interest from each faculty. The learning style is very student-focused. The pace is very fast, but also, the teachers take care of the students, so I never worried about not being able to understand or being left behind. Furthermore, because many people there were interested in Japan, I was able to make many friends. I was struggling with Chinese communication when I was out of school, but the local people welcomed international students and made me feel very comfortable. The language is Chinese, of course, but most things are also available in English, and there were many opportunities for interaction with international students. This means that it is an environment where you can learn English easily. Also, unlike many other countries, local prices are cheap and it is quite close to Japan, so I think that there are also practical advantages to studying in China. (S.N.)


Sakura China.jpg

"The Public Buildings in China are huge!" (S.N.)

I studied at Bowling Green State University in Ohio for two semesters. Classes focus on social sciences and humanities, including world history, sociology, psychology, and communication. In addition to the lessons being conducted in English, there are more preparations and assignments than at Japanese universities, so I think that I am in a tough environment in a good sense. As for extracurricular activities, there are many on-campus events and student groups, so I think there are many opportunities to interact with Americans and other international students. (K.E)



With fellow Japanese Club members take a break at BGSU.

I studied at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. There are many students at this university, there are various majors, and you can choose from many classes. I studied not only International Studies (with a focus on Japan) but also subjects touching upon issues in human development and even family relationships. I especially enjoyed taking classes in women's studies. In addition, since we are studying abroad in various countries, we can communicate not only with Americans but also with people from different countries. There are lecture classes, but there are also discussion-type classes, so I think you can do many things that you cannot do in Japan. (M.S)


Mao A Group Photo with Mnay Friends.jpg

As this picture shows, lifelong friendships and treasured memories are part and parcel of study abroad.

Mao Playing Games with the Japanese club.jpg

As you can see from the above reports, studying abroad is a wonderful experience. These Hiroshima Jogakuin University students have had many wonderful educational, cultural and social experiences. We look forward to welcoming their return home on campus and hearing about their other experiences! Don't forget to check our website to see more details about opportunities to visit and study in other countries.

以上の報告から感じられるように、留学は素晴らしい経験です。これらの広島女学院大学の学生は、教育、文化、人々との交流において多くの素晴らしい経験をしてきました。 キャンパスで彼女たちの帰国を歓迎し、他にもどのような経験をしたのかを聞くのが楽しみです!今後もこうした海外研修や留学を随時報告していきたいと思いますので、ぜひ定期的に国際英語学科のウェブサイトを訪れてみてください。


Living and Learning Abroad: Student Experiences (Part I)

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One of the most exciting and interesting opportunities for Hiroshima Jogakuin University students is to study abroad. Studying abroad allows students to not only improve their English but as we will see, experience many things and meet many people. In this article, the first of a two-part series, we hear from two of our students who have recently returned from the United States.


Yui Japanese Culture Club Members at UTM.jpg

Among many friendly classmates at the University of Tennessee at Martin

I studied at the University of Tennessee Martin (UTM). Since this university is not very large, most classes are conducted in small groups. As a result of that, I am close to my teachers and my classmates, so I think it is an environment where we can easily ask questions and exchange ideas. In addition, UTM has Japanese classes and a Japanese club, so you can engage with students who are interested in Japan. As a teaching assistant, I was involved in the running of classes, and for the first time, I was able to think about Japanese and Japanese culture from an outside perspective. In addition, there are sports events that anyone can participate in every season, and you can engage with other students in your favorite sports (I participated in volleyball.) There are many other events, so I think you can get to know local students and culture in a way that is suited to you! (Y.Y.)


Yui Watching American Football Game.jpg

College Football Games are a BIG deal in the United States, thousands of people attend!

Yui Cover Shot.jpg

With other international students from throughout Asia, Europe, and South America

Yui Rafting.jpg

Teambuilding and experiencing mother nature in the 'Great American Outdoors'

I studied at the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM). The university has a variety of faculties, so you can take classes in the fields that interest you. I made decisions based on my being interested in agriculture and animal welfare. Not only lectures by the professors but also lively discussions among the students allowed me to engage with a variety of ways of thinking in addition to specialized content and expert knowledge. Many classes are small which gives the professors the time to help each student learn.

The International Affairs Division of UTM fully supports the lives of international students. They also actively provide opportunities for international students to interact with people both on campus and in the community. Thanks to the warm support of UTM, I had many wonderful, professionally delivered learning and cultural exchanges. (S.S.)


Sayaka One of the Many Sunsets Here.jpg

"I will always remember the beautiful sunsets on campus." (S.S.)

Sayaka Cherry Blossoms Blooming on Campus.jpg

The blooming cherry blossoms remind me of home, but also of the close relationship between our universities!

Sayaka Mural from Visit to Human Rights Center.jpg

A mural from a visit to a Human Rights Centre

Are you considering applying for the GSE or English Language and Culture courses at HJU? If so, then maybe you are also thinking about the opportunities for studying abroad, too. If you haven't already, visit our website and stay tuned for the next installment of reports from our returnee students.



Living and Learning Abroad: Student Experiences (Part II)

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