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Recent HJU Graduates' Workplace Reports: Part V〜卒業生の活躍 Part 5〜

In the next installment of a series of reports from GSE graduates, we hear from MK. As you'll hear below, she is doing very well in her new job in the hospitality sector. She did well in many different ways during her time on the GSE course, and so, unsurprisingly, she is also doing well in her new working life. She has some interesting advice and encouragement for current students, but also for students who are considering joining us here at HJU.


First, and since MK is using English in her new job, and since she improved her language abilities a great deal during her 4 years at HJU, I asked her for some tips on how current students can follow in her footsteps and improve their English.


When I was a student, I tried my best to take classes which use only English. Instead of going abroad to study English, I chose to put myself in a local environment which was English-only, and gradually, I could understand English. Even if I couldn't always communicate with correct grammar, I did my best to use English. Also, I used my commuting time to memorize new vocabulary.


Next, I asked MK about how current students can endeavor to work hard and improve themselves while at university.


As I wanted to get experiences that I couldn't get in the classroom, I did field experiences and an internship in Vietnam. Those were just for a short time, but they had an important impact on me. I could use English more than before, and through communicating with many people from different cultures and areas, I could understand more about culture and how to communicate with people who are not native speakers of English. Also, I did a part-time job where I could use English, so I could have the time to use English in my daily life.


Global Village Group.jpg

MK in her 1st year at HJU, working with partners in Vietnam as part of Global Village Field Experience
(GSE1年次の海外研修、Global Village Field Experienceでのベトナム人学生とのプロジェクトの様子)

I was curious about how MK uses English in her new job, so I asked her about it.


I'm working at a hotel now, so there are many foreign guests. At the restaurant where I'm working, I am the only staff member who can use English fluently. As I want to deliver the same good quality customer service to foreign customers as we give to Japanese ones, I search for the words to explain our dishes. Also, I've been translating the menu into English.


Final MK Now.jpg

MK in her new life, she's grown and developed a lot. "Where there's a will, there's a way".

Finally, some words of advice for high school students:

The environment is one of the most important things. Put yourself into a place where you can do what you want to do, or be what you want to be. Make it so you have no choice but to act independently. Naturally, you can develop the skills and abilities that you need, and you can then go on to make even higher goals. Of course, this will be unsettling at first, but where there's a will, there's a way. Try once, and the result will follow.


Volunteering NameTag.jpg

MK during an internship: "Put yourself into a place where you can do what you want to do... or be what you want to be."

Thank you to MK for her stories and advice! I look forward to hearing from other HJU graduates in the future!


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