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Seniors' Job-Hunting: Experiences, Tips, and Reflections〜国際英語学科生の就職活動の様子〜

The final year of university is an important one for our seniors. Not only are they busy writing their theses, but also they are searching for jobs. Here at HJU, ensuring that every student receives the guidance and support necessary to find the right job for them is a really important part of our work. This includes the dedicated careers center, but also many other aspects of the teaching and curriculum.

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In this article, the first in a series, we hear from some of our current seniors, and learn about how they started forming their career plans, as well as some tips and tricks about searching for jobs, making applications, attending interviews, and ultimately, making that all-important decision!


First, we will hear from MM.

Can you tell us a little about how you started thinking about your future career?

Like many people, I didn't have one, specific job in mind. At first, this made me anxious, but after having a number of consultations at the University Career Centre, they helped me to approach the question of my future through thinking about myself. When I started thinking about my future career in this way, focusing on understanding how my unique character and skills would fit the companies and positions I was searching for, I realized that there were many more opportunities than I had first thought.

When it came to finding jobs, making applications, and attending interviews, what were your experiences?

I was quite active, which I think is important. I joined two one-day internships with different companies, which was a great chance for me to get some first-hand experience. In addition, I attended some online company presentation meetings, which were really useful, too. I also attended some in-person and some online job interviews. Each of these experiences was quite valuable for me, and I think that being active is a good way to find out what suits you, and what doesn't.

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What were the biggest challenges you faced, and what advice would you give to younger students who are thinking about their own futures?

My biggest challenge was reviewing my past and experiences. I initially thought my experiences were uninteresting, and that I wouldn't have anything to share with the interviewer. However, by understanding the perspective of the company, who is just concerned with finding the right candidate, I realized that my education and work experiences were quite good things to share with them. I recommend to people who are starting out with job hunting to research quite a wide range of companies and positions. I noticed through my own experiences that even though it depends on the individual company, often, they're more interested in your personal motivations and for joining them and what skills you have than things like grades or academic background.

Finally, have you had any offers, or even, made any final decisions?

I've been lucky enough to get a few offers already, and I've decided on one company that I'm excited to join. With the support of the staff here at HJU, and through being active and open-minded, I finally reached my goal of making a decision before I graduate.

Well, I think that hearing from MM has helped us understand the job-hunting process from the student perspective, and I am sure that her experiences and advice will be useful for many of our readers. If you're considering studying at HJU, please feel confident that many staff members are here to support you! Finally, I want to say a big "thank you" to MM for her contribution.

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