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Supporting Our Students at HJU: 1:1 Tutor Guidance〜国際英語学科の学生一人ひとりへのサポート〜

Moving from high school to university is an exciting and challenging time for young people. Of course, it is the start of a new exciting chapter in their lives, but also, there is a lot to learn, and unsurprisingly, many students can feel a little overwhelmed at times. Here at HJU, we recognize this, and of course, we want to provide as much support as possible to our freshmen when they arrive. An important part of this is the regular 1:1 tutor meetings. In this short article, I'll share some of my own ideas about supporting students, and more interestingly, we can hear from a couple of our new freshmen, and learn about their experiences, concerns, and opinions about the 1:1 sessions.
(学生にとって高校から大学へと学びの場を変えることは、夢と期待に満ちた新しい生活の始まりであると同時に、新たなことを学ぶ大きな挑戦でもあります。 国際英語学科では新入生へのサポートとして定期的に1対1のガイダンスを行っています。今回のウェブニュースでは、このガイダンスの様子をお伝えしたいと思います。)

All teachers and people working in education recognize the importance of supporting learners. Of course, every student is different, and so having opportunities to provide tailored guidance is invaluable. Speaking personally, one of my favorite things about working at HJU is the friendly, family-like atmosphere, and for me, the 1:1 guidance sessions are a perfect example of the school culture and philosophy. I really appreciate the chance to get to know the students, and the 1:1 sessions I have with my tutees tend to vary a lot. Sometimes, they might have a specific, practical problem that I try to help them solve, and sometimes, we might just have a chat. However, I think it might be useful to get perspectives from the students themselves.

First, I spoke with TK. These are some extracts from our 1:1 tutor meeting.

ー You're in your second month of university life now. What are the main differences compared to when you were a high school student?

I think that since I have become a college student, many things that were once 'wants' have become 'realized'. I want to continue to develop myself through various experiences at university, pursuing what I want to learn while thinking about my future dreams, too. Especially, I have been enjoying having interesting conversations with native English teachers, both inside and outside the class, such as participating in TOEIC help sessions and some projects outside school.



- What is your impression of the 1:1 tutor meetings you have?

No matter how small the topic, this is a space for me to share and discuss in a friendly environment. The teacher speaks to me not just about things in school, but also in other parts of my life, such as my new experience of living alone. It is good to have some extra support. It is one of the most important times in my university life.

Next, I spoke with RY.

- Looking back to how you felt during your first few days of university life, what has changed?

In the first two weeks, I worried a lot about whether I could make friends, or keep up with lectures. However, during classes, I have made more and more friends, and thanks to the careful support of teachers, I've managed everything so far. Now, I'm enjoying my daily life.


RY getting ready for her tutor meeting.

- What kind of things do you talk about during your 1:1 tutor meetings?

We don't talk too seriously during this time. Instead, we chat about daily things and get to know each other better. However, when there is something serious to talk about, the teacher is ready to listen.

Well, thank you to both of these students for sharing their experiences and ideas. All the staff here at HJU want to make sure that every single student can have a chance to enjoy their university life!

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