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Recent HJU Graduates' Workplace Reports: Part I〜卒業生の活躍 Part 1〜

University life is an important stage for all of us. As a teacher, one of the happiest, and saddest times is saying goodbye to the 4th year seniors when they graduate. In this series of articles, I have asked some of the GSE graduates who are now working to speak about their new lives, about their jobs, and to give some advice to current students. This time, A.K. has been kind enough to share some of her wisdom and experience!


First, and since Ayaka is using English in her new job, and since she improved her language abilities a great deal during her 4 years at HJU, I asked her for some tips on how current students can follow in her footsteps and improve their English.


Ayaka Working (1).jpg

Ayaka K is now busy at work!

"I recommend doing daily assignments, studying for the TOEIC test by oneself, and as I mentioned, reading short passages aloud- which I especially enjoyed because I like actually speaking English. Also, I often listen to music and sing English songs, and watch movies and YouTube in English as part of my leisure time."


Next, I asked her about how current students can endeavor to work hard and improve themselves while at university.


Ayaka Graduating (1).jpg

A very happy A.K. on graduation day!

"I suggest both volunteering and taking a part-time job. Through volunteering, I could learn diverse knowledge and ways of thinking. Also, because I had a part-time job, I could learn social knowledge such as flexibility. Also, I worked at a cram school part-time, so I could improve my English skills by teaching others."


I was curious about how A.K. uses English in her new job, so I asked her about it.


"The section in which I am currently training in mainly domestic logistics, so I use Japanese more than English. However, we also do business with foreign-affiliated companies, so I have a chance to use English by giving support over the phone and through creating documents. Also, in the section of international logistics, there are lots of chances to use English because people always deal with international companies. So I will have a chance to use English more and more as I develop in my role. Having as good English ability as possible is definitely an advantage."


Finally, some words of advice for high school students:


"Try your best at everything. There are a lot of experiences which you can have as a university student. Don't judge a book by its cover and try something new, as often as possible. Try many different things actively, and you will grow as a person!"


Thank you to A.K. for her stories and advice! I look forward to hearing from other HJU graduates in the future!

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