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Club Activities

There is no better way to get involved and have a unique cultural experience during study abroad than to participate in student clubs and circle activities. Most club activities are not too competitive, but may be the icing on the cake of your campus life.

Particular attention is paid to music, where the choir, folk song, mandolin and string orchestra provide a colorful variety of activities. There are also sports clubs such as ‘kyudo’ (Japanese archery), volleyball, lacrosse, ‘aikido’ (one of the marshal arts of weaponless self-defense), and hip-hop dance. Sports clubs are very active and have succeeded in maintaining a high ranking in intercollegiate games. Or how about spending a serene afternoon in the tea room of ‘Sado’?

Sports Clubs

Lacrosse / ESCI Tennis / Basketball / Aikido / Football / Japanese Archery / Hip-hop Dance / Tennis / Soft Tennis / Volleyball / Athletics

Music and Arts Clubs

Photography / Brass Band / Mandolin / Art / Calligraphy / Folk and Rock Band / Craft Circle / Literature / Theater / Ensemble Espoir (String Quartet) / Choir / Chapel Organists / Pottery

Cultural Clubs

Japanese Tea Ceremony (‘Omotesenke’ school) / Japanese Tea Ceremony (‘Ueda-Souko’ school) / Media and Broadcast / Dietary Workshop / Okinawa Culture Workshop / Bible Reading Circle

Social Organizations / Governing Bodies

Student Union / ‘Ayame’ College Fest Committee / KIT Volunteer Circle / Asia Club for International Exchange