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Exchange Programs

HJU has student exchange programs between eight universities in four different countries. If you are a student enrolled in one of these schools and are interested in studying in Japan, please contact the person in charge of international programs at your university. The application process must go through your university, in order to study abroad at HJU.

HJU’s Partner Schools (as of March, 2021)

  • Bowling Green State University (Ohio, USA)
  • University of Tennessee at Martin (Tennessee, USA)
  • Wesleyan College (Georgia, USA)
  • Sookmyung Women's University (Seoul, Korea)
  • Inchon National University (Inchon, Korea)
  • Shandong University (Jinan, China)
  • Xiamen University of Technology (Xiamen, China)
  • Miriam College (Quezon, Philippines)

For more information:

ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme (SMS)

HJU is a member institution of ACUCA (Association of Cristian Universities and Colleges in Asia), which consists of 64 schools from eight countries and regions. It offers a signature program called ‘SMS’ (Student Mobility Scheme) which facilitates student exchange programs between member institutions providing financial support to the participants.

If your university or college belongs to ACUCA and you are interested in the SMS, contact the international affairs office or equivalent office at your school.

For your reference, see the website (

If you are in charge of an international program at a university and are looking for a partnership, please contact our President’s Office. For further questions about our international programs, please contact us at the HJU International Programs Center, Student Affairs Office.