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President’s Message

Empowering Women to Act Globally and Locally

Hiroshima Jogakuin University (HJU) was founded in 1886 by Rev. T. Sunamoto in cooperation with Dr. W.R. Lambuth from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. Under the leadership of Miss Nannie Gaines, HJU started as a school for women’s education. Since the 130th Anniversary, we have strived to advance our efforts, to create innovative women’s education, and to respond to both global and local issues in today’s ever changing world.

As we stick to our educational principles, to develop student character based on a Liberal Arts education, we continue to promote an approach which helps to develop steadfast personalities, in an ever changing and diverse world. We believe that such a personality trait is essential, to allow women to become leading contributors both locally, and globally. We aim to develop this characteristic in every student, equipping them with the skill to be determined and decisive, and to understand the sense of responsibility and open-mindedness which are the hallmarks of a Liberal Arts education. What better environment for women than an all-female institution, one which can nurture such confidence and leadership.

Like all of our students, I myself was educated at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. My experience helped prepare me for life; to think analytically, to work as part of a team, and to make sound decisions. I can proudly say that HJU is the best choice for women, to help prepare them in all aspects of their careers, as well as their personal lives. At HJU, we define the word ‘career’ not just as a paid job, but also as other undertakings such as unpaid or volunteer work, charity endeavors, household management, and even life after retirement.

At HJU, we believe that everyone has a mission in life, whether it be a career, or personally driven. Thus, in order to support HJU women, we will undertake The Empowerment Project, as a 130th anniversary enterprise. The purpose is to provide opportunities to our students to prepare for their future careers and become leaders in their community.

We invite you to our campus. This is an environment where you are welcome to spend your precious school life. A place where you may fulfill your PASSION for learning. Where you may find your VISION for your future achievements. And identify your goals so you may realize your own lifelong MISSION.

Rev. Dr. Akiko Minato,
President of Hiroshima Jogakuin University