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Principles of Christianity

The aim of Hiroshima Jogakuin, from its very beginning, has been the intellectual and religious culture of young women in accordance with the principles of Christianity. On that basis, HJU encourages students not only to strive for the mastery of academic knowledge and skills for their own career, but also to nurture themselves for the purpose of serving others.

Liberal Arts

Since we live in a society where everything is becoming more complex than ever, we naturally need people as human resources who can accept different ways of thinking. They need a well-balanced and rich education, as well as specialized knowledge in their field of study. HJU offers a liberal arts education that encourages women to be themselves and have more options throughout their lives.

Global Minded

Students learn about global issues and the importance of taking action. Also, as an educational institution located in the A-bombed city, Hiroshima, HJU has emphasized peace education. With this background, the peace-minded HJU graduates have gone forward to careers in various fields in Japan and countries around the world.

Our Symbol

The school badge symbolizes the “shield of faith” (Ephes.6:16) The Latin words on the shield read Cum Deo Laboramus which means “We are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building.” (1 Cor. 3:9) The flower in the center is an iris, which Miss Gaines liked best.