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Internships and Jobs After Graduation

Recent Internships Completed by GSE students

GSE students are encouraged to explore their passions, and gain experience through internships. Students have completed a wide variety of internships with international organizations, NGOs, and in the private sector. Students usually get internships when they are juniors. The length varies from one day to one month. You can get internships by yourself or you can get support from the Career Center.

You can do what you are passionate about and develop your knowledge and skills!


  • YMCA Hiroshima
  • Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership (DSIL)
  • UNITAR Hiroshima


  • Labo International Exchange Foundation
  • Human Academy
  • Amity


  • Royal Crown Hotel Cambodia
  • Meitetsu World Travel


  • TK Digital Corporation


  • Mazda Logistics

Information Technology

  • Fujitsu

Jobs After Graduation

Upon finishing the GSE program, our students are well prepared for leadership and management track positions in both Japan and abroad. Students may continue to graduate schools overseas, or be prepared to work at international companies, NPOs and governmental organizations. Before graduation we make sure our students are given the skills, tools and support they need to be successful in the job-search process. Employers have been impressed with GSE students’ English ability, maturity and skills.

Placement of Graduates(2015・2016)

Foreign Embassy/ Public Organization

  • Philippine Embassy, Osaka
  • Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau


  • Emirates Airline


  • Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel
  • C.B.H Inc.


  • H.I.S. Co., Ltd.
  • JTB Chugoku Shikoku Corp.


  • Niitech Co., Ltd


  • GMO AD Partners Inc.