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  • 人文学部 国際英語学科
  • 大学院
    言語文化研究科 英米言語文化専攻

Robert Dormer准教授

ロバート ドーマー
  • 学位:MA in Philosophy、MA in Applied Linguistics & TESOL、MA in International Relations
  • 研究分野:国際関係学、教育学


I hope that in your time at HJU you’ll grow, learn, and have fun. If you see me on campus, introduce yourself and let’s talk!


Here at HJU, every student has a chance to build confidence, feel a part of the community, and grow. Join us for your new start!



A.I recommend that you watch the 1985 classic American movie Teen Wolf. In this movie, Michael J Fox plays a boy who suddenly realizes that he is becoming a werewolf, a metaphor of how people change and acquire new powers over others during high school and college life.


A.One of the people I respect most is my mother. When she was young, she was too poor to go to university. Yet, in her 60s, despite being almost blind and severely disabled, she attended university, and graduated with a degree, and then a masters degree.


A.Ice cream- it is basically ambrosia for humans.


A.At HJU, because of small group sizes, I have the time and space to actually get to know my students quite well. Every student is different, and understanding them in detail is the best part of my job.